Workers' comp is just the beginning of what we offer.
Drivers are also eligible for FREE telemedicine and vision benefits.

Reach a doctor by phone, secure video, or MDLive app anytime from anywhere for a non-emergency consultation, and receive a credit toward corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.
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Is this really free? What's the catch?

No catch! Under NYS law, no worker can pay for their own workers' comp., so these benefits are provided at absolutely zero cost to you!

What kinds of coverage am I eligible for?

Workers' compensation coverage pays for all medical services (including physical therapy), equipment, prescriptions and more as a result of an on the job injury. Workers' compensation also covers a portion of your lost wages, should you be unable to work as a result of your injury!

What is The Black Car Fund? How does this all work?

The Black Car Fund is a non-profit, set up by New York State to make sure New York's independent contractors who drive for the majority of New York's FHV bases are covered for workers' compensation at no cost, so they can keep working with peace of mind. All of the benefits offered by The Black Car Fund are fully-funded by the passengers, in the form of a small surcharge added in addition to the fare!

How are these benefits paid for? Who pays?

A 2.5% surcharge is added to every passenger’s fare, which is then collected and sent to The Black Car Fund on a monthly basis, allowing us to provide workers’ compensation, telemedicine, vision care and other benefits to you and your fellow drivers. While the 2.5% surcharge may appear on your paycheck as a deduction, it does not come out of your pay. The 2.5% is paid for by the passenger as a part of their full fare.

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